Vivier Skin Care – New GrenzCine Line

GrenzCine clinique anti aging of Montreal

What is Grenzcine?

Grenzcine is a new product line designed to treat the thinning skin around the eyes, the face and the neck.

Unlike many products on the market that include retinols and other acids that are designed to exfoliate, this product does the opposite.

What are the active ingredients?

Grenzcine utilises 2 powerful key ingredients in a sustained release, which is formulated to thicken thinning skin.

These ingredients are:
Vitamin C-L ascorbic acid which is designed to increase collagen production and to protect the skin against free radicals and environmental stressors

PolyAmine DAB- this product is found in its highest concentration in breast milk and its function is to increase the thickness of the epidermis or outer layer of skin, which helps improve skin tone and elasticity particularly in thin skin

What are the advantages of this product?

This product is particularly formulated for thinning skin. As a result it will make the skin firmer and more elastic.

There are 3 products in the Grenzcine line.

  • GrenzCine eyes serum – designed to thicken the thin skin of the upper and lower eyelids and a result will help with the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • GrenzCine face serum – designed for the face by combatting the negative effects of the exfoliation associated with the lasers, peels and retinoids which can thin the skin
  • GrenzCine neck serum – designed to firm the skin of the thinning neck and enhance the results of skin tightening technologies of the neck
  • GrenzCine Body serum – designed to treat the laxity of skin in the body

This product is oil free, alcohol free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.

Used in combination with other lines, this product is well worth its investment.

You will love the results!