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Clinique Antiaging Montreal is committed to delivering the most innovative anti-aging aesthetic treatments and regenerative medicine. We have a special interest in women’s health offering bioidentical hormone therapy and urogynecological laser treatments.

The name Clinique Antiaging refers to the physiological, physical, psychological and regenerative medicine for adults of all ages. Our goal is to ensure an overall feeling of wellness at any age. We recognize that our patients’ needs change each decade and areequipped to treat you at each transition of your life.

Tucked away in the heart of downtown Montreal, Dr. Cynthia Stolovitz and our team of experts are specialists in non-invasive cosmetic and anti-aging medical procedures.

Our Mission

At Clinique Antiaging, we specialize in cosmetic treatments to help rejuvenate our patients’ appearance with minimal downtime. Dr. Stolovitz uses expert injection techniques developed in Europe for a natural, refreshed look.

Clinique Antiaging takes a global approach to aging. Along with treatments for a fresh, natural-looking appearance, we are committed to ensuring our clients feel as good as they look, offering bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) to treat menopause and andropause tailored to each individual.

Our Specialties

At Clinique Antiaging we have multiple cutting-edge techniques to help with hair loss in both men and women: microneedling, PRP, exosome therapy, and laser treatments.

The IncontiLase® and IntimaLase® laser treatments are safe and non-invasive solutions to many gynecological symptoms of vaginal aging and menopause. Women’s gynecological health is an important area of aging that is too often ignored or not comfortably discussed. The clinic aims to provide a welcoming environment for women to discuss the aging process, the symptoms that go along with it, and to offer safe and effective treatment options along with psychological support.
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), combined with mesotherapy and microneedling, are regularly used as completely natural ways to rejuvenate your skin and hair. Other injectables include Botox®, Dysport ® Restylane®, Emervel®, Belotero®, Radiesse® and Sculptra.
We offer state-of-the-art IPL laser treatments for skin discoloration, tone and texture as well as personalized skin care, microdermabrasion and facials. Our laser treatments provide cosmetic enhancement without the downtime associated with the usual traditional ablative procedures. Using cutting edge technology from Fotona and Cutera, we often combine procedures for a 3D approach and optimum results. We treat facial laxity using the revolutionary intraoral ER:YAG laser, sunspots and pigmented skin lesions with IPL, as well as facial and leg veins, facial redness and scar tissue with our ND:YAG laser. Regular laser skin treatments have been scientifically proven to reduce the age of your skin at the molecular level, resulting in scientifically measurable younger, healthier looking appearance.
Skin tightening and body contouring are performed using the Venus Legacy’s combined radio-frequency and magnetic pulse field.
Proper skin care is one of the easiest steps you can take to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Clinique Antiaging offers state-of-the-art SilkPeel dermal infusion, facials, face masks, and at-home treatments adapted to each patient’s needs. We offer medical-grade skin care such as Obagi and a stem cell-based line called Neocutis to maintain your results at home.

Together we will design a made to measure haute couture treatment plan.

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