gernetic de la Clinique Anti Aging de Montreal de Dr Cynthia Stolovitz

The skin is a reflection of the interior.

Established for over 45 years and distributed in more than 80 countries, this line of products is constantly evolving and adapted to every need to treat both the face and the body. These products are innovative due to the high quality of their raw materials. They enhance the cellular regeneration of the skin.

Stemming from research in cellular biology, the Gernetic line of products are composed of plants.

Vitamins, such as complex B, Vitamin C, E and A, calandula avocado oil, St. John’s wort oil that act as a regenerator of basal cells, potassium and magnesium, mineral salts, trace elements, such as zinc, cobalt, copper manganese, iron and phosphorus, repairing damaged tissue, oligo elements, amino acids as well as rich noble oils, 100% natural active ingredient that guarantee optimal results.

Gernetic International offers a wide range of beauty products, and depending on your requirements, you will find the product that suits you best.

This product line meets the requirements and standards of Health Canada Code of Ethics.