Sculptra® Butt Lift Montreal

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® also known as PLLA (poly-L-lacticacid) is a bio stimulant used to restore soft tissue volume loss. PLLA is derived from fruit acids. Originally, this product was introduced in 1999 for HIV associated lipoatrophy or severe volume and soft tissue loss. Since that time this product has been used successful to also treat the volume loss associated with aging.

What is Sculptra ®Butt Lift?

Buttocks enhancement injections using Sculptra®

Otherwise known as a nonsurgical Butt lift or Buttocks Lift without surgery , this is an alternative to the Brazilian Butt lift for those people who are looking for an enhancement of the buttocks area without the downtime of surgery. The result of the Sculptra Butt lift is a gentle enhancement of the buttocks area over time. Dimples and areas of concavities can also be filled. It is not to be compared to the traditional Brazilian Buttocks lift that involves surgical fat transfer and downtime. This treatment will give you a gentle buttocks enhancement and is not designed to give the large augmentation given with surgery. This treatment is non-invasive and is similar to any other injection session.

Can Sculptra® treat cellulite?

Sculptra® can also be a great treatment for cellulite. It works exceptionally well on post liposuction deformities.

Does Sculptra® work only on the buttocks area?

No. Sculptra ®can be injected anywhere on the body. It works well on the neck and décolleté. It can also be injected in the arms to help with the crépy skin on aging arms.

How does it work?

Sculptra® stimulates collagen production slowly over time. This product was originally designed to correct areas of facial fat loss such as the cheeks, the temples, the lateral facial areas and the chin. It is also used very commonly on the body such as the buttocks, the legs the arms and the abdomen.

How many sessions are required ?

The average number of sessions required for full correction varies from person to person depending on the amount of volume lost.

Typically, 3 sessions over a 4month period is required. During this time period, Sculptra® is discretely building collagen improving the areas of depression.

It goes without saying that the more volume loss a patient has, more sessions are required. Also, since collagen remodeling decreases with age, older patients may require more sessions to produce desired results.

How long does it last?

Once the patient is satisfied with the desired results, treatment results can last up to 2 years.

Is maintenance required?

As with any filler, bio stimulant or injectable, since we continue to age, maintenance is always required. A yearly visit is generally recommended.

Sculptra® is approved in Canada for facial injections.

Injections with Sculptra® on the body are not approved in Canada and are considered off label.

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