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What is RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® is a unique calcium hydroxylapatite-based dermal filler designed for the reduction of moderate to deep lines, lifting and contouring with collagen-based volume enhancement, and for long-term improvement in skin quality.

It is a semi-permanent filler that is made with calcium-based microspheres (calcium hydroxylapetite -CaHA) suspended in a water-based gel. The gel is dissipated in vivo and replaced with soft tissue growth, while the calcium hydroxylapatite remains at the site of injection. This results in long-term―yet non-permanent―restoration and augmentation.

What are the indications for RADIESSE® injections?

RADIESSE® is indicated for subdermal injection for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss in the cheek area and lower face.

This product is indicated in people with facial lipoatrophy due to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

RADIESSE® is also indicated for the rejuvenation of the hand.

What is unique about RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® is a unique product in that it provides both volume replacement and collagen bio stimulation.

A highly viscous gel, this product provides long lasting aesthetic improvements.

RADIESSE® is very popular in the United States and worldwide. As it is a very volumizing product, it is used for deep volume loss and facial contouring. It’s often a product of choice to use for jawline contouring, particularly in the male patient.

RADIESSE® is also great product to use for volumization of the back of the hands.

Unlike HA fillers, (hyaluronic acid) RADIESSE® is NOT indicated for injection in the lips or perioral area (around the mouth).

How long do results last?

Results are long lasting and typically last over one year.

What are the newer indications for use of RADIESSE®?

More recently, RADIESSE® has been used to improve skin laxity.

By stimulating collagenosis in the injection site areas, the quality of the skin becomes firmer and smoother.

The use of RADIESSE® in this fashion offers patients a more global treatment rather than local filling and volumization. As the product can be more easily spread under the skin, a general skin tightening with progressive, natural, and discrete volume gains is attained.
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What areas can be injected for skin rejuvenation?

Areas that can be injected successfully include the neck and the décolletage, arms, abdomen, knee areas, buttocks and thighs. This provides a redensification of the skin and is particularly interesting to use in patients with thin skin.

Excess skin will not disappear but will be less visible and tighter due to the stimulation of collagen and elastin.

By treating these areas, the local aged appearance can be improved by CaHA-generated collagen stimulation.

Can RADIESSSE® be used for cellulite injections?

RADIESSE® can be used to improve the look of cellulite in the leg and buttocks area. By creating a redensification in the area, the appearance of unevenness can be reduced.

These results are due to the biostimulatory effect of this injectable.

Multiple sessions are required to create desired results.

Note that currently in Canada, injections on the body for skin rejuvenation are off label.

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