Fotona 3D and 4D skin tightening

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We are really excited to add the Fotona 4D to our list of laser treatments for skin rejuvenation!

Traditionally we have been using various laser and radiofrequency devices to tighten the skin, improve pore size and texture. Until now, all of these treatments only applied to the exterior of the skin.

The new Fotona 4D™ treatments add a new modality to treat both the exterior and interior oral cavity allowing for full skin rejuvenation and tightening by applying thermal energy both on the surface of the skin and inside the mouth. Patients can complete their treatment by choosing a light or medium peeling, depending on their desired results and schedule.

Using 2 laser wavelengths and 4 different modalities is a new novel approach to laser skin rejuvenation and overall facial antiaging.

What is 4D?

4D refers to 4 distinct treatments delivered in a single session using 2 non invasive lasers to combat facial aging with little or no down time and that can be performed all year around.


This is a revolutionary non ablative Erbium:Yag laser that delivers thermal energy on the INSIDE of the mouth by heating up the mucosa, causing collagen stimulation from the inside out, compared to the traditional outside in.
The effects results in a plumping of the treated areas such as the nasolabial folds and perioral lines from the inside, similar to a filler injection.

Mode 2-FRAC3®

The second part of the treatment uses the non ablative ND:Yag laser  at a specific pulse mode that generates spikes of heat at high temperatures  to complement the effect of the intraoral portion of the treatment .
This will also improve the texture of the skin.

Mode 3- PIANO®

This portion of the treatment uses the ultra long pulse duration of the ND:Yag non ablative laser. This causes bulk tissue heating from the outside, which will enhance the skin-tightening portion of the treatment. These all work synergistically.

Mode 4- Superficial™

The final portion of the 4D Skin Rejuvenating treatment uses the Fractionated ER:Yag laser to perform a light cold peel to improve the superficial imperfections of the skin. There may be some slight sloughing of the skin for 24-48 hours resulting in an overall glow to the superficial skin.

A more aggressive peel is also possible depending on the desires and needs of the patient. (eg. deep acne scars)

The 4D approach uses progressive laser layering techniques to provide a full-face antiaging procedure with good clinical results and minimal to no downtime.  The results are both immediate and long term.  The treatments can be performed year round and can be performed on most skin types including darker skin. Several sessions are required for optimal results.  As with other therapies, additional sessions will provide additional improvement. However, the results have been shown to be clinically and histologically superior to laser resurfacing alone.