People often ask me:

  • What age do you start doing treatments?
  • What age do you stop doing treatments?

Remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body, yet for some reason we let it go as the last area we treat.

The skin should be treated no differently than any other part of our body that we care for. We exercise to keep our muscles in check and to maintain mobility .We watch our diet for nutrition and general well being.

Let’s treat the skin with the same respect.

At the clinic we have something for all ages and problems.

We recommend basic early prevention with simple treatments earlier.


Because when you are younger, age related skin changes are more easily reversible.

First rule of thumb- skin care and a healthy lifestyle is important for all ages.

In your 20’and 30’s?

Start with good skin care and sunscreen.

Pick a good aesthetician that knows you and your skin.

A microdermabrasion with infusion 3 or 4 times a year is nice place to start.

In your 30’s and 40’s?

Continue good skin care.

Microdermabrasion with infusion continues to be the mainstay of clean and healthy skin.

Laser treatments such as IPL , vascular lasers for the reds and the browns are a simple place to start. If you are starting to have dynamic wrinkles, consider neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport to soften the lines and preventing them from worsening.

You may be in the need a little filler for early facial volume loss and may want some facial enhancement .eg lips or dark circles otherwise known as tear troughs.

Highly consider starting a skin-tightening regime with lasers and/or radiofrequency devices. This will ensure good quality skin and firmness. Look at this as “exercise for your skin.”

You can’t go to the gym once or twice and expect your abs to become tight and your thighs to stay firm. It is a continuous series of training. The skin is no different.

In your 50’s?

Skin care.

Skin tightening is a must!

Remember that as you approach menopause or male menopause, the decline in hormones takes a toll on your skin.

You may need to supplement with our bio identical hormone replacement program.

Neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport, facial hyaluronic acid fillers to shape, lift and replace volume loss continue to be important. Remember that if you are compliant and are seen on a regular basis, you will need fewer injections because you have taken care of yourself and your skin.

In your 60’s?

The same rule applies in your 60’s as it does in your 50’s. Since we all age differently, you may require more sessions to treat wrinkles, or more sessions to treat discoloration You may choose to concentrate on skin quality or laxity. All of these are individual.

In your 70’s and older?

Of course you may continue doing all of these treatments provided there is no medical contraindication to any of the treatments.

Remember that at the clinic we also treat the physiological changes of aging with our Bio identical Hormone Replacement program.

If you are suffering from chronic pelvic pain such as endometrioses for example, or if you are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction of any kind –problems such as painful intercourse, vaginal relaxation syndrome post partum, mild to moderate stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse such as bladder and uterine prolapse, we have treatments for you with our pelvic floor physiotherapist as well as our urogynaecological lasers.

Voila! You deserve to take care of yourself at any age and any stage of your life!

Together we will design a made to measure haute couture treatment plan.

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