Skin Tightening – Titan

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  • Titan Clinique Anti Aging in Montreal Dr. Cynthia Stolovitz

This device produces sustained heating of the dermis using the infrared light source.

This wavelength is absorbed by the water in the tissue at a depth of 1-3 mm that results in collagen contraction both immediately and long term.

It causes collagen contraction while providing epidermal protection with the cooling sapphire crystal found in the hand piece.

The actual collagen coil results in a shorter thicker strand as a result of the heat applied by the laser.

This improves skin laxity. Results take time and happen gradually, typically in 3-6 months.

You will also see improvement in skin texture.

This treatment works extremely well in combination with Laser Genesis, IPL and /or Venus Freeze.

By treating the skin on different levels using the above modalities, you can achieve skin tightening and help in the skin laxity at different levels.

Best results are often seen in patients with minimal excess fat and with thinner skin that can be easily moved with a gentle touch.

Best results are seen in patients between the ages of 45-60, although there is no age barrier to this procedure.

Titan is a process and results improve with time. It does not replace surgical correction.

When used in combination with other non-invasive laser procedures, we call this 3-D skin rejuvenation.