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How to deal with the stress of Covid 19?


How can relieve our anxiety? What can we do to help ourselves and our loved ones? We can start by looking back at our new year’s resolutions and reapply them. Now, more than ever, we need to think of our bodies as a wellness factory and we are its driver. This is also a good time to do all those things you always wanted to do but could not find the time. Here are a few tips: Feed it with colour. Eat deeply colourful fruits and vegetables. These are typically higher in nutrients and fibre. Fuel it. Get moving! A 30-minute [...]

How to deal with the stress of Covid 19?2020-03-24T21:31:04-04:00

When your skin is thirsty!!


During the winter months our skin tends to be more dehydrated! With temperature drops, windy weather, heaters running day and night, the skin can feel dry, tight and sometimes flaky. It is important to give your skin extra nourishing. Vivier Ultra hydrating mask can hydrate your skin and make it smoother and more supple. Apply a thin layer, once or twice a week. Gently rinse off after 15 minutes. For extra hydration, apply mask in the evening just before bedtime and leave it on overnight, do not forget your neck! Proper hydration can help slow down the aging process by maintaining [...]

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