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SilkPeel-Microdermabrasion Clinique Anti Aging in Montreal Dr. Cynthia Stolovitz

We are proud to announce the introduction of the SILKPEELMD, a medical grade microdermabrasion machine with a patented dermalinfusion technology to treat various skin conditions.

According to the Amercian Society of Aethetic Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion is one of the top 5 non-surgical procedures performed for skin enhancement. It literally is a closed vaccum based mechanical exfoliation system controlled by a diamond tip hand piece.

Why microdermabrasion with infusion?

The difference between this microdermabrasion machine and others is that this technology or Silkpeel, as commonly referred to in the industry is a diamond assisted microdermbrasion machine that delivers topical active ingredients into the skin while the pores are open while simultaneously removing the top layer of the epidermis (skin) also known as the stratum corneum.

The procedure treats all skin types and can treat damaged skin with Vitamin C , aging and dry aging skin with Hyaluronic acid , melasma with Lumixyl and acne with Salicylic acid. The Silkpeel leaves your skin feeling wonderfully smooth, refreshed and glowing.

What does it treat?

Microdermabrasion treats all skin types and each infusion addresses a different dermatological problem. It exfoliates damaged skin and hydrates photodamaged aging skin. The salicylic acid infusion works well for acne.

How many treatments are required?

It is recommended to perform several microdermabrasion sessions a year to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Based on your particular problem, your health care provider will decide the best course of action for the number of treatments and their frequency.

Several treatments are required for desired results.

Does microdermabrasion hurt? What are the side effects?

The procedure is not painful and there are little to no side effects and no downtime.

How and when is Microdermabrasion with dermal infusion performed?

The SilkPeel can be performed immediately prior to an IPL, Laser Genesis, Venus Legacy and 3D treatments to prepare the skin for ultimate results. It can also be performed a couple of weeks after your laser treatment for final great skin exfoliation. You may also wish to combine your SilkPeel with another esthetic treatment with us, such as a personalized facial or relaxing massage.

Regular treatments are recommended, depending on your skin type, in order to maintain your results.

The SilkPeel is a favourite among many Hollywood stars to give their skin an extra boost before red carpets events and has been featured in many magazines and television shows.

Treatments packages are available.

SilkPeel-Microdermabrasion Clinique Anti Aging in Montreal Dr. Cynthia Stolovitz