Laser Genesis

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This non-ablative laser is excellent for treating of pore size and texture; diffuse background redness known as erythema, Rosacea, Poikiloderma and scars.

It is safe for all skin types and can easily be used on tanned skin.

It is comfortable with an excellent safety profile.

No cooling or gel is required for this treatment. Treatments last about 30-40 minutes.

The average number of treatments required is about 5-6.

Maintenance is required to maintain the quality of the skin.

Used in combination with IPL, this laser is a favorite among patients for non-invasive laser treatments to treat color, pore size, tone and texture.

This procedure can also be used in combination with Venus Legacy treatments. The radiofrequency of Venus Legacy coupled with the collagen stimulation of Laser Genesis enhances the skin tightening effect.

This combination of bulk heating results in a tight and smooth appearing skin without any down time.