Princess Clinique Anti Aging de Montreal de Dr Cynthia Stolovitz

Your skin loves hydration – that’s why CROMA, the hyaluronic acid expert, formulated Princess Skincare True Hyaluron® to provide long-lasting hydration. The products have a pleasant texture and are delicately perfumed.

Princess Skincare True Hyaluron® series contains specially manufactured hyaluronan molecules as well as other active ingredients that ensure an optimized supply of the skin. This technology is called Hyalessence Technology®.

Pure hyaluronan molecules are linked together to create a high molecular meshwork with an enormous water retention capacity.

Furthermore, it serves as a carrier for helpful substances like native hyaluronic acid and other components beneficial for the skin.

It covers the skin as a gentle protective layer. Hyalessence Technology® ensures that the skin is effectively provided with hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration and other substances beneficial for nourishing and smoothing of the skin. As a result, visible signs of aging are reduced: the skin is radiant, vitalized and refreshed.

Princess Face Masks

Take a time out – with the Princess® Skincare MASKS you can treat yourself to an exclusive spa-experience. The products have a pleasant texture and are delicately perfumed.

Princess® Skincare MASKS are either made of non-woven fabrics (made by 100 % rayon) or of bio-cellulose. They are suitable for all skin types and are very easy to apply and to remove.

All Princess® Skincare MASKS are free of parabens and dermatologically tested.