Why Obagi?Obagi products of clinique antiaging Montreal

Because Obagi works.

Obagi Medical was created by Dr. Obagi, dermatologist, in an era when laser technology was at its infancy for treating skin aging. That is why Obagi systems are so successful.

They act as medical treatments for the skin. They cannot be compared to other skin care lines that give a “feel good” effect.
These treatments are designed to treat and repair the skin.

Obagi products contain prescription strength formulations that are designed to improve the penetration of cosmetic agents into the skin.
They address premature aging, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne and sun damage especially in darker skin types.

Different systems exist from acne systems to premature aging and pigmentation systems to address your concerns. The process occurs over several weeks as your skin cells turn over.

At the clinic, we will walk you through the steps of Obagi so that you will have successful results with the systems. Combined with non-invasive lasers and light therapy, your skin will reach new heights and have a glow that people will notice!