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Functional Electromagnetic Stimulation Technology

What’s new in body contouring?

There are several nonsurgical body sculpting technologies on the market. The most common body contouring devices involve treating the fat by using either hot or cold technologies. There are also various skin tightening technologies to tighten the overlying skin. Results include a slimmer, tighter appearance of the overall contour of the body.

We now have a new technology that also targets the muscle.


Why muscle?

The human body is composed of approximately 25% fat and 40% muscle in the male, and approximately 35% muscle in the female. The underlying muscles are important in that they address general body tone which helps define body contouring. This is why treating the underlying muscle, in addition to the fat and skin, gives a more visually appealing aesthetic look.

How does this work?

This technology uses highly focused electromagnetic stimulation to treat and activate various muscle groups and to help strengthen them. This is the latest in nonsurgical body contouring devices.

What is electromagnetic stimulation?

Using deep electromagnetic stimulation, the magnetic fields generated by this technology will cause the muscles to contract. The magnetic field is so powerful that it penetrates through clothes to reach deep into inaccessible muscle groups, such as the pelvic floor, gluteus muscles and other muscle groups. The contractions will increase the strength, endurance and definition in the treated muscle zone.

How was this developed?

This treatment stems from the world of physiotherapy.

Electrical stimulation of muscles is a common therapeutic modality used in various physical conditions where the muscle is weakened.

What are the benefits of the treatments?

By targeting the muscles of the pelvic floor, the back and the abdominal wall simultaneously you will strengthen your core which helps stability and posture.

It will simultaneously build muscle and burn fat in the affected areas.

Does it cause muscle growth?

For esthetic purposes, this machine can specifically target the abdominal wall muscles, the gluteal muscles, the quadriceps and even the biceps. By targeting these muscle groups, you can effectively strengthen, body build, or create a butt lift, all while either sitting in a chair or lying on a table.

This results in non-invasive muscle body contouring by:

  • increasing muscle mass
  • easier fat burning
  • staying in shape
  • butt lifting
  • helping correct posture

What medical conditions does this device treat?

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Urge urinary incontinence
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Low back pain
  • Sexual function
  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Erectile dysfunction

How is this treatment different from other electrostimulation devices?

Imagine that this is an electrical stimulation device on steroids!

This device is able to hold a muscle contraction for multiple seconds with a high energy of several tesla compared to a simple hand-held electrostimulation device that works with energy levels of several volts. Tesla is a large unit of energy and is used primarily in industrial electromagnetics. One unit of tesla is equivalent to 10,000 magnets and this device uses 2.5 tesla units of energy.

This results in a supramaximal contraction which will not only stimulate the targeted muscle but also cause muscle hypertrophy similar to that of a body builder.

How does this compare to the competition?
Is this an Emsculpt® and Emsella® alternative?

Compared to Emsculpt® and Emsella®, this device will target multiple groups in the same session in an alternating fashion.

In other words, the Emsclupt® device can only target either the abdominal muscles or the gluteal muscles in a single session.

The Emsella® device can only target the pelvic floor muscle in a single session.

The Coretx will target the lower back, the pelvic floor and the abdominal wall in an alternative fashion within a single session. This will not only target all muscle groups of the core but will also help strengthen the muscle and the entire core in a single session.

Consequently, this is a significantly more complete treatment.

Would you go to the gym and only treat one muscle group?

How does this help SUI/stress urinary incontinence?

During magnetic therapy, a focused, time-varying magnetic field penetrates into the perineum and activates the motor neurons of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic muscles contract and relax with each magnetic pulse, thereby strengthening the muscles. Magnetic stimulation of the muscles is conducted by an electromagnetic coil built into the seat and controlled by an external unit.

The stimulus intensity is gradually increased up to the limit of tolerability as indicated by the patient.

The goal of the therapy is the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor musculature to reduce urinary incontinence. FMS, or functional magnetic stimulation, also has a positive effect on sexual dysfunction, fecal incontinence and chronic low back pain.

How does the procedure work?

The patient sits comfortably on the chair and does not remove his/her clothes.

Over a 20-minute period, the equivalent of 4,500 Kegels and 6,800 sit-ups are performed on the patient by the machine delivering electromagnetic energy to the targeted muscle groups.

How soon does the patient feel an improvement in symptoms?

An improvement in symptoms is normally seen after 5-6 treatments.

Is the treatment painful?

The therapy is pain-free with no complications. You’ll feel like you’ve had a good workout post-treatment.

How long do the results last?

Like any procedure, especially when it involves muscle, maintenance is required.

Maintenance can either be done at home by pursuing your regular exercise habits or by adding this device to your exercise routine.

What are the contraindications?

Contraindications are:

  • implants made out of ferro-magnetic material
  • pacemakers
  • pregnancy
  • pelvic floor infections

In summary, this new non-invasive technology is extremely versatile and has a multitude of health, medical and esthetic benefits depending on your treatment desires.

Together we will design a made to measure haute couture treatment plan.

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